Peter Michael

“Mountain vineyards, classical winemaking, limited production”

“Bears like Semillon best because it tastes like honey,” Morlet says. “They like Merlot too, I guess because it’s softer in tannin.”

Robert Parker may sometimes growl like a bear, but his tastes are different. He has given 14 Peter Michael wines at least 98 points since the 1995 vintage, and he likes the blends that the Semillon and Merlot go into, but it is Pinot Noir from the young vines on the extremely steep Seaview Vineyard, 30 miles west of the estate on the Sonoma Coast, that is Parker’s personal honey jar. And fortunately there are no bears there.

In just their second vintage, Parker gave 2010 Peter Michael Ma Danseuse Pinot Noir 100 points, calling it: “One of the greatest Pinots I have ever tasted … anywhere.” (average Wine Searcher price: $689).

He also gave the 2010 Peter Michael Clos du Ciel Pinot Noir from the same vineyard 100 points, saying it is “a dead-ringer for the 1990 DRC La Tache. This could be a game-changing Pinot Noir that sets the wine world upside down given its spectacular quality.”


© M. J. Wickham/Peter Michael Winery | La Carriere Vineyard at sunrise